So few who seek the end of Suffering,
And the Experience of Heaven,
Are moved inward by the Beautiful words,
“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

But sooner or later…
When "belief" and dogma prove fruitless,
When doing and not doing fails us,
We retreat within.

Sooner or later the self dies,
By drowning in the Ocean of Pure Awareness.
Sooner or later the Lover turns,
And dies in the arms of The Beloved.

When we've had enough of thinking “about”,
Enough of talking endlessly “about”,
Enough of concepts, theories, and conjecture;
When exhaustion finally overcomes us…

We fall… Within.

And there, all outer movement ceased,
We collapse into the Absolute Subjectivity,
The Unfathomable Mystery,
That we Are.

Where the Unmoving Beloved first moves…
And we, the manifest Lover,

Where beginning and end,
Lover and Beloved…

Where, in the course of time…
Time, space, the world, and “We”
All Vanish…

All vanishing…
Into, and as,
What we Are,
Before ever “we” were.

No longer a thing alive, but Life Itself.

Not Limitless… this Heaven,
For space has vanished.

Not Eternal… this Heaven,
For time never was.

Not, “The same Self in all,”…
For neither subject-self, nor object-other…
Exist, or have ever existed…

In the formless Ecstasy of Heaven.