Why Write?

Why write?
To evoke that which is written of.
There is no other reason.

It is not to increase the writer's stature.

For if the writer were concerned over stature,
The words would not be worth reading,
Having flowed from a fouled pool.

It is for you that I write, not myself.
Because I love to see the ember brighten,
In the Heart of my Friend.

I only share what we both possess,
As you so Beautifully share with me;
Both of us offering Love and Wonder,
One to the other.

We are two Lovers of the same Beloved,
Reveling in the Rich Delight,
Of the telling of our Life with Her,
And our ongoing Romance.

Not to vainly hear our voices speaking,
But to share Her Benediction in words,
Imbued, Mystically, with Her Presence.

Why write?

For Her,
And you.