Walled Villages of Belief

My Heart will not let me stay,
In the walled villages of belief,
And so the villagers shout,
As I push open the village gates:

“Without lineage, your own ignorance will guide you!”
“Without guidance, you will wander astray!”
“Without renunciation, Maya will swallow you!”
“Without a village… you will die in the Wilderness!”

For good or ill, my tribe are Wanderers,
Beneath the Infinite Vastness of the Great Mystery,
Heart and Mind journeying into the Unknown.
Our shelter against the Crushing Immensity…


There was a time when I cried,
“Teach me! I cannot bear the incomprehensibility!
Help me build a shelter of knowledge!”
But in response, Lightning struck…

And my ashes scattered to the Wind.

Far from the village…
Road vanished into path…
Path vanished into hillside…
Hillside vanished into Vastness…

The Known vanished into… Wonder.