The Verdant Heart

Sooner or later, someone asks, “How?”
“How to come to all that you speak of?”
And the Friend answers…

“Love. How else?”

Not simply a salve, as some say,
For the emotionally wounded,
In need of healing.

Not a compassion born,
Of self-serving,
Perfection of virtue.

Not a strategy taken,
A stance deployed,
In search of Benediction.

But Defeat, Absolute and Certain,
From which ashes arise,

In the Vanquishing of the Victor.

Understanding will not bring you here,
However diamond-like its clarity,
However impactful the seeing.

You begin where you are,
Loving, and desiring to be Loved,
But become, in the end…

Love Itself.

Be prepared to have your Heart Broken,
Not by anyone or anything,
But by Love Itself,

And for that Broken Vessel,
To be made Whole and Complete,
By the Breaker of Hearts…

And made Radiant with Grace.

But if you will not dare to Love,
Then Truly…
You will never “Suffer” this Rapture,

But will remain on the Frontiers of Heaven,
Wandering the desert of “knowledge”,
In search of Water which can only be found…

In the Oasis of the Verdant Heart.