Something happened,
Across the Whole of the Being…
The Whole of the Being.

Something happened,
Across the whole of the Being…
The Whole of the Being.

In the mind…
No “understanding”,
No "realization".

The “thinker”,
The “understander”,
The “realizer”…


Thoughts became ownerless,
Like clouds arising in Infinite Vastness,
Roiling for a time, and then…


The felt sense of the thinker,
And all that it entailed…
That Ancient Suffering…


Where the “mover” once existed,
Formlessness now moves this form,
As it moves all that appears…

Drifting clouds, flowing waters,
Hummingbird wings buzzing,
The opening of Jasmine blossoms.

Now a Brother to all of these,
My Father, Formlessness,
My Mother, Form.

And this son…
Simply the Experience of Being.
The experiencer now…


In the body…
The Ancient Contraction of “i”,
The felt sense of boundaried locatability…


And in its place…
Unlocatable Aliveness, Serene Emptiness,
Sublime Fullness, The Great… Mystery.

Fullness, Completion, and Bliss
No longer come and go,
As some declare.

Bliss, inherent in Dissolution,
Untouched, unmoved by the ever changing
Vicissitudes of form.

Not a realization or understanding,
However profound…
That left the thinker intact.

Not an experience,
However profound…
That left the experiencer intact.

Not an energetic arising,
However Rapturous or Ecstatic…
That left the enjoyer intact.

Something happened,
Across the whole of the Being.
The Whole of Being.

That which was alive,

Life Itself.