Two Hearts

Two hearts…
One, the drummer I've known since birth,
The other, an endless blossoming.

Trees sway in the Santa Ana wind,
Dappled sunlight dances across the room.

Warm puppy in the cave beneath my desk,
Curled against my bare feet.

Coolness against my face,
The silent fan turning.

Distant cars,
Like ocean sounds.

And here, in this Locus of Form,
Right… Here…

Two hearts.

One the drummer I've known since birth,
Beating in my breast.

The other…

A shining sun,
A fluttering breeze,
An fragrant blossoming,
An overflowing wellspring,
A breathing in and out of Bliss,
Flooding the Experience of Being.

Form and formlessness,
Both… at once.

Tell me, where does one end,
And the other begin?