Thinking “About”

The more we become Liberated from self-identity,
And Illumined with the Bliss of Pure Awareness,
The more concepts, theories, and thoughts “about”
Vanish from our consideration.

We become ever more present in Experience,
Which, when imbued with Bliss,
Becomes simply too intoxicating
To allow the minds shenanigans.

We Become the effortlessly ever-present
Living Experience
Of That which, formerly,
Was only “thought about”.

Full and Complete,
Radiant with Ananda at the Heart of Being,
The mind's obsession is reduced to…
The Most Delightful Curiosity.

Now, become a Drunken Fool,
Besotted with the Heart's Desire,
“Beliefs” and articles of ”Faith”,
Are simply… forgotten!

Incapable of moving any longer
In the realm of Aboutism,
We walk, in Extraordinary Ordinariness,
The Path of The Idiot.

But I should not speak so emphatically,
For such is only the experience of this Idiot,
And in this Dream's infinite diversity,
Everyone's Blossoming is unique.

I only write to bring Delight,
To the like-Hearted.