There Comes A Time

There comes a time,
When we become quite mad,
No longer able to function in the “secular”,
Without it becoming, magically, “sacred”,
Without our perception of everything… changing.

There comes a time, after the secular becomes sacred,
When the Great Mystery is no longer a mere curiosity,
Wondered about on Holy days,
In occasional discussions with friends,
Or engaged in during moments of “religious” observance.

There comes a time, after curiosity Blossoms,
When the Great Question impinges on awareness,
Upon each moment, each breath, each heartbeat,
Even while occupied in so-called “worldly” endeavors,
And demands our Heartfelt Consideration.

There comes a time, after Heartfelt Consideration,
When we are “taken”, with no choice in the matter,
And Awareness, as we've known it all our life,
Becomes ever more Dissolute, ever more Intoxicated,
As this Great Consideration has its way with us.

There comes a time, after we are “taken”,
When we come to peace with this Loving Intruder,
This Possession by Grace, by Dissolution and Bliss,
And somehow, though at first it seemed unlikely,
The mundane work of day-to-day is accomplished.

There comes a time, after day-to-day becomes Illumined,
That we no longer remember a time in our life,
When She was not Radiant within our Heart,
The soft, ambient background of all Experience,
Welling up in Greeting at the return of wandering Attention.

There comes a time, in time,
When we diminish, and She increases,
As we, like a salt doll immersed, again and again,
In the Ocean of Her Presence, the Waters of Her Grace,
Dissolve ever more, ever more deeply.

There comes a time, as we Diminish,
That Her Increase ignites the embers of Longing,
In the Hearts of those we meet along the way,
Wandering, as we do, in this Dream of manifestation,
Here, on the Frontiers of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And when that time comes, in time,
Our friends cannot mistake the vessel for the Presence within.
For while they may hold us in Affection and Gratitude,
Reverence and Adoration is for Her Alone…

As She dwells in each of us, and all of Creation.