The Perfume of The Beloved

If the Perfume of The Beloved,
Were not sweet, seductive, and enticing,
Why would we care, for a moment,
To turn wandering Attention inward?

If She was without qualities,
If She was without attributes,
Why would we be drawn,
Why would a Lover care?

Why would we bother to venture within,
When the enticing enjoyments, without,
Are so readily available and alluring,
To our ever wandering Attention?

It is because She is So Very Beautiful,
Her Perfume so Irresistibly Intoxicating,
That we Journey into the depths of our Being,
To find Her there, as the Light of our Soul.

For when, arriving at the Heart of Being,
We Vanish into our Formless Essence,
It is Rapturous Ecstasy, beyond expression,
That is experienced in Pure Awareness…

At the end of all duality.