The Merchant

A merchant came to the Tavern of the Beloved,
Selling reasons, causes, conditions;
Ways in which we Drunken Fools,
Intoxicated on the Beautiful Bartender's Wine,
Could become worthy of Her Love.

We at the bar could not hear him clearly,
Against the music, dance, and laughter,
Nor could we see him through the Smoke of Love
That filled the Tavern to the rafters,
And, inhaled, flowed through our Hearts.

But feeling mischievous, we cried “Fabulous!”,
And hoisted our cups in toast, “Huzzah!”
Then standing, stumbling, brought him to the bar
Where… to our utter astonishment,
He refused the Wine She poured…

And began…

Listing conditions, circumstances, causes,
Logic to be followed, conclusions to be reached,
All of these and much more, prerequisites,
Requirements for “attainment”…
And… for each, the price to be paid.

As a Kindness… we bought every book he sold.
Then, embracing the poor fellow, sent him forth,
Into the Loveless night of worthy and unworthy,
With a Prayer and a Blessing,
That Grace might Shower upon him.

And through the course of the night's revelry,
Drowning ever more deeply in Her Eyes,
Ever more Intoxicated on the Perfume of Her Presence,
We burned the pages, book by book…

To light the Dance floor.