The Kiss of Grace

I read one day…
That if I did not do thus,
And refrain from doing thus,
There would be no hope for me.

When I asked The Beloved of this,
She bound my hands, and Kissed my Heart.

I saw, the world over…
Brokenhearted souls struggling,
To perfect their imperfections,
Feeling it necessary to win Her Love.

When I asked The Beautiful One of this,
She covered my eyes, and Kissed my Heart.

I heard one day…
That from the multitudes of humanity,
Only a very few begin The Journey,
And that of these very few,
Only the most virtuous come to Her.

When I asked my Love of this,
She covered my ears, and Kissed my Heart.

In time, I fell into confusion and despair,
Having read, heard, and seen,
So many conflicting descriptions of “reality”,
So many conflicting assertions of “truth”.

When I asked The Bestower of Grace of this,
She stole my mind, and Kissed my Heart.

When I told the orthodox of this Kiss,
They mocked my madness and delusion,
Chided my arrogance and conceit,
And forbade me burial in holy ground.

When I asked The Merciful One of this,
She buried me in Her Heart.