The Jewel Within

Not born of peaceful conditions,
Not born of peaceful circumstance,
But Inherent in the Essence of our Being.

Not born of happy circumstance,
Not born of happy conditions,
But in Inherent in the Depths of our Soul.

Not born of joyful conditions,
Not born of joyful circumstance,
But Inherent in our Deepest Interiority.

Of the suffering self,
A Gift not born of merit or worthiness,
But the Love Child of Longing, Grace…

And the Quest for Heaven, within.

Not born of bodily sensation,
Not born of emotional elation,
But Inherent in the Presence of The Beloved.

All facets of The Jewel within,
Buried in The Depths of our Being,
But discoverable, oh Miner of Love,
When head and heart, Discernment and Longing…

Dig together.