The Highest Teacher

One person will go to a teacher,
And the baby will kick in the womb.
Another will find only fault.

One person's mind will be illumined by a teacher's erudition,
Their diamond-like articulation.
Another will receive only empty words.

One person will sense great Bliss pouring from a teacher,
Revealing in themselves, the same Splendour.
Another will feel the teacher dry, brittle, and wooden.

One may emerge unscathed by a teacher's imperfections,
And their own naivete,
While another crashes and burns.

Each may go on to tell others of their experience,
That this is such and so,
As if it is Truth.

We simply cannot “know”
The Fullness of “Truth”,
From the words or injunctions of another.

Only our Heart, the Highest Teacher,
Can tell us when to Love, for how long,
And when to come and go.