The Heart's Desire

It's so easy to forget, with all this lofty talk
Of Consciousness, Awakening, and Enlightenment,
That our Heart's Desire is Simply…

It's so easy to forget,
With all this talk of “spirituality”,
Of all the many ways,
All the many paths,
All the many teachers…

All this talk of the Ground of Being,
Of Consciousness,
Of Brahman,
Of Emptiness,
Of Shiva and Shakti,
Of ParamAtman…

Of God.

All this talk of,
Liberation and Bondage,
Knowledge and Ignorance,
Awakening and Enlightenment…

Of the best path,
The greatest guru,
And the heartbreaking notion,
Of doing this,
And not doing that,
So that…

Of purification,
And perfecting,
And karma…

So easy to forget, in all of this...
To lose our way…
In words, thoughts, and concepts,

And to forget…

That our Heart's Desire,
Since the beginning of beginningless Time,
Has ever and always been…
To become Causeless, Conditionless Love,
And for that Love to Shine, always,
In the locus of our Heart.

To die as an object among objects,
In the Dream of space and time,
And reside, free… at last… of “ourself”,
As the Unalloyed Ecstasy of Heaven.