The Heart

At first the Great Teacher thought not to speak,
For the nature of their Experience,
Was ineffable and inexpressible.
This was Great Wisdom.

But compelled by their Friends to speak,
They uttered words, against their better judgment,
Words and concepts to point beyond both.
This was Great Compassion.

How much clarity was conveyed?
How much confusion?
Their mind may have considered the odds,
But their Heart considered only the suffering of others.

Thankfully, or not, the Heart won the day.

And we, who came after,
And read the countless words,
The countless interpretations,
The countless additions and modifications…

We, like the Great Teacher,
Have only our Hearts to follow,
Traversing a breadcrumb trail,
That leads in 10,000 directions.

Heart and Mind,
And Intuition born of both,
Guide us on our Journey,
Not to a final “enlightenment”…

But along a path of Endless Enlightening.