The Fathomless Depths of The Heart

What is revealed to the intellect,
Will never plumb the depth's of Love,
For that Treasure lays beneath the waves,
Of cognition and “understanding”,
In the Fathomless Depths of The Heart.

Reaching the end of thought's utility,
Consider with your Heart's Intuition,
What has been presented in the waves,
Of concept, theory, and dogma,
To the mind's limited capabilities.

Then sink ever more deeply, fathom by fathom,
The desperate mind holding its breath,
“Knower”, “known”, and “knowledge”,
Dissolving in The Mysterium Tremendum,
Fathom by fathomless fathom.

Until, the mind Surrenders,
Unable to hold it's breath any longer,
And swallows The Great Mystery,
Dying, at last, to the fruitless struggling,
To know, to grasp, to understand.

For no concepts can convey,
No images display,
Or words express,
What is revealed in that Final Gasp,
At the end of all dualities…

In the Fathomless Depths of The Heart.