The Crossroads

When the mind's capabilities are spent,
Having come to the end of their utility,
So few, it seems, take the turn,
At the crossroads of thought and Feeling…

And Journey on, to The Kingdom of Heaven.

Having come, through reasoned investigation,
To the truth of what they are not,
They do not, at that fateful juncture, take the turn,
From mind to Heart, concept to Experience…

Of what they Are.

This Grace at the Heart of Being,
Is not a reasoned “conclusion” come to,
Through mindful consideration,
Of logic and reason.

That which words and concepts seek to evoke,
Will die in the arid sands of the intellect,
A ghostly apparition wandering,
The wasteland of conceptuality…

For there is no Water there.

“I cannot find myself anywhere within,”
I concluded, with a shock.
“But… I can Feel myself,
I can Feel my Self!”

And so I took the turn, Falling…

And, Vanishing into that Essential Feeling,
“I”, and all of Creation Vanished,
In the Incomprehensible Mystery that Exists,
Before the world and I appeared…

And Heaven Is.

At that Crossroads, I took the turn,
When thought could reason no longer,
And Fell, Heartlong, into the Feeling of That,
From which the thinker, and all Creation arises…

And like a salt doll, Dissolved in that Ocean.

Had I planted a flag at the mind's conclusion,
And declared the summit attained,
I would have remained at the Crossroads,
Teaching “truth” as I knew it…

Selling water as Wine.