How many stances can be taken,
In the face of this Unfathomable Mystery?

Standing here, I am the Lover,
And She, The Beloved.

Standing here, I am Her Child,
And She, my Loving Mother.

Standing here, I am Her Friend,
And She, my Wise Counsel.

Standing here, I Vanish,
Into and as Her.

Standing here,
Both Lover and Beloved Vanish…

Leaving only that,
Which Shines before Manifestation.

All stances… Beautiful and Fruitful,
When taken in Love,
Taken in Compassion,
Taken in Tenderheartedness,
Taken in Honesty and Humility,

And when taken,
In the Fullness of their Fruition…

For the Benediction of All.

Wearying debaters of “truth”,
Gentle your Hearts.

For even if merely a Dance of Apparitions,
All Ways, taken in Love…

Are Beautiful and Fruitful.