The Salt Doll's Journey

(The salt doll “self”)

You've heard, salt doll,
Of the Ocean of Pure Being,
Of Heaven,
And you begin walking,
From the Desert of duality,
In the direction your Friend has pointed.

As you draw nearer,
Even before seeing It,
You begin to feel Moisture in the air.
And it is so… very… intoxicating,
Especially to one so… very… parched,
From a life lived as a “person”,
As… “someone”.

If you stop walking now,
You will continue to enjoy the fleeting mist,
Ebbing and flowing, as mists do,
But will remain a person, an enjoyer.

And, suffering that pain of separation,
You will grasp desperately to hold,
What cannot be held;
The Fragrant mist,
Sweet with the taste of your Heart's Desire.
And you will live out your life still thirsting.

Keep walking, Dear Heart.

In time, you will come to the shore,
And standing there, become so Saturated,
With the Mist of Heaven,
That Sublimity drips from your hair.

But even there, drenched in Beauty.
“You” will remain,
And suffering, will grasp, white-knuckled,
To fill the Hole in your Heart.

Keep walking, Dear Heart.

The Mist you feel is “of” the Ocean,
Wetness to that water,
But should not be mistaken,
For Immersion in The Depths.

However Sublime “your” experience,
It will never satisfy “you”,
Will never dissolve “you”,
Will never quench the Ancient Longing,
As long as “You” remain.

Keep walking, Dear Heart.

Walk on, salt doll,
Until the ideas you hold of your self,
Until the ideas you hold of The Beloved,
Until all concepts, theories, and imaginings,
Sink into the Depths beyond all dualities.

Keep walking, Dear Heart.

Walk on, salt doll,
Into those Living Waters,
Where, drowning in Grace, Mercy, and Love,
Breathing in Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
“you” die, at last, unto Life…

And only the Ocean, The Beautiful One, Abides.