Remembering What You Love

What is there to do,
But Remember what you Love,
And ache with all your Heart,
However distant Heaven may seem,
However much a fairytale and a Dream.

What is there to do,
But rest, with each breath and heartbeat,
In that  U n b e a r a b l e  Longing,
Which will not be consumed,
By the fires of doubt and despair.

For you did not choose to be stricken,
But simply found yourself afflicted,
With a Remembering beyond memory,
A Feeling beyond emotion.
A Knowing beyond knowledge…

As yet unKnown.

What else…
For when faith fails, Longing endures,
When belief crumbles, Longing endures.
When other's paths prove not our own,
Longing endures.

Longing… endures.

But to Remember what you Love,
However She presents Herself,
Within the Secret Heart,
Of your own unique Longing.

You are not cursed, weary Friend!
For this Longing, Unbearable,
Is both Path and Guru,
For those of us so Blessed.
And Love…

The Key to the Gates of Heaven.

Thank you, Sandhya Jade Keller, for adding “A Remembering beyond memory” and “A Feeling beyond emotion”; both so important, they simply had to be included.