Being remembered,
And most wonderfully… eventually,
The vanishing of rememberer and remembered.

The clouds of obscuring “I” thin,
Lighter here, darker there,
And the Sun of our Heart's Desire,
The Bliss of The Beloved Shines through.

And in that Shining,
The “I” who looks toward the dappled clouds,
With all the Longing of the Heart's Desire,

In that Vanishing,
The Ecstasy of Unobscured Heaven,
Shines into Experience, as Experience,
The Experiencer…nowhere to be found.

If “I” should grasp to hold as experience,
I am left, broken-hearted, as the experiencer.
Clouds roil in darker obscuration,
The Lesson not yet learned.

Such a subtle teaching,
Subtler than subtle,
This “knack”, really,
Of Surrender, and the end of grasping.