One reflects by Feeling;
Feeling the vibration of Being
At the Heart of all Experience,
The Unlocatable Aliveness that we are.

Not moving in ideas “about”, or thoughts “of”,
But actually moving more… into the body.
And by “body”, I mean
The Field of Experience,
The totality of everything arising,
All at once.

Not moving in the dream-like flow
Of serial Thought,
One thought
Leading to another,
And another,
And another…

Our body isn't simply the physical form,
But all that appears to us,
“Within”, and “without”.
For where do “we”
Begin and end?

Some say we are “Consciousness”,
The Ground of Being,
And everything arises from “That”,
Like waves arising from the Ocean
Of Formless Potentiality.

Other teachings say
There is no underlaying Consciousness,
And everything is simply a flow of Causality;
Each cause giving rise to an effect,
In turn a cause to yet another effect.
On and on, like a river flowing.

My experience is that
It doesn't matter what you believe.
Only dissolve the salt doll of self-identity.
What remains when “you” vanish is irrelevant.
Make of it what you like,
Or make nothing of it at all.

These two views,
Consciousness and Emptiness,
And every view expressed and codified,
Are simply interpretations
Of the “enlightenment” experience
By different “enlightened” ones.

A thousand views,
A thousand descriptions of enlightenment.

One concluded, after the fact,
Thinking “about” their experience,
That they were “That”,
And declared it was so for all.

Another concluded, after the fact,
Thinking “about” their experience,
That everything is simply a flow
Of interdependent Causality,
And declared that it was so for all.

I hold neither to one nor the other,
Or any view, whatsoever.
I know only that the cessation of “I”
Resulted in Serene Emptiness,
And the Fullness of Bliss.

Dissolve the contraction of self-identity,
Of object-perceiver-experiencer-person,
In Unlocatable Aliveness,
And then…
Interpret what remains for yourself,
If… you're so moved.

Myself… I am not moved to “know”
Or “understand”, or in any way “describe”
That which cannot be known,
Or understood,
Or spoken of.

Find the “I” Feeling, and rest there.
Then… see what happens.
And when “you” vanish into “what happens”,
Do the world a favor, and don't plant a flag,
Declare the summit, and codify your experience.

Be Free of “I”,
And Illumined with Bliss,
And leave the descriptions of “reality”
To those compelled
To wrap the Great Mystery
In name and form.

But you…
Be Free.
Be Illumined.
Be Still.
Be Quiet.