Persevere, Dear Heart

Your Loving Attention,
Is the SunLight of your Being,
Shining outward in delight and enjoyment,
Of this Wonder of Manifest Existence.

But turned Within, in Loving Quest,
This Light will evaporate,
The clouds of obscuration,
That veil Wonder Beyond Imagining.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
Don't despair or lose heart,
When nothing but gray sky greets you,
The density of embodied selfhood.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
Not in will, but in Love and Longing,
Of your Heart's True Desire,
For which, long ago, all hope vanished.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
And the Impossible Dream will be revealed,
As the Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Of your own Formless Being…

Your own Formless, Unlocatable… Aliveness.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
In Loving Surrender,
To the Feeling, not the thought,
Of the Vibration of Being that you are.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
And discover in your own experience,
That Heaven is no myth,
But the experience of your Innate Ecstasy.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
For your Formless Being Shines,
Awaiting only the Light of your Attention,
There… just beyond the clouds.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
Shining the Light of Loving Attention,
Then Vanishing into the Experience of Ecstasy,
That only arises…

With the Vanishing of the experiencer.

Persevere, Dear Heart…
Not grasping to hold and sustain,
But in Surrender, letting go of all attainment,
And you will cease being a thing alive…

And become Life Itself.