I broke the rudder some years ago,
When I fought too hard to steer.
And the sail at some point after,
Was torn from the mast,
By the storms of circumstance,
And sank into the depths.

I do no recall the dark night,
When the stars above, guiding my way,
And the landed horizon toward which I sailed,
Both vanished, leaving me directionless,
Adrift in the Unknowable,
With only a Heart full of Longing.

I cannot remember when I tossed the oars,
Into the fathomless depths,
And abandoned at last, all effortful striving,
To come quickly, oh, quickly, please,
To Journey's end, to Longing's Fulfillment,
And found myself…


I cannot recall that time of struggle,
Of sail, rudder, and oar,
Of starry night's guidance,
Or landed horizon beckoning,
I only remember… Collapsing,
Surrendering… at last, Falling…

Overboard, into The Beloved's arms.

Sinking into the Depths of Her Grace,
Breathing in Her Living Waters,
The Infinitude before space,
The Eternality before time,
And Existence as Life, Itself…
Before ever I became a thing alive.

What can a Drowned man do,
In the way of pointing,
For those who drift by, enquiring,
Directions to the Kingdom of Heaven,
To Fulfillment of the Heart's Desire…
Except to point… overboard… into the Depths…