Oh Mariner of Life

It was the play of desire and fear,
That drove my weary Heart Within;
Exhaustion, born of those dualities,
Endlessly pulling at my Soul.

Desire and fear, desire and fear,
Sailing desperately toward the one,
Struggling against the current of the other,
Losing strength with each breaking wave.

Perhaps you have heard the myths,
Of a Peace, imperturbable, impenetrable,
Where no currents move the weary Heart,
No waves disturb the troubled Mind.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within,” he said.

Fearful at the risk of drowning,
But moved by desire for an end to strife,
Let slip the sails, oh Mariner of Life,
And Surrender your fate to the maelstrom.

Grace will respond, the promise is made,
To the wordless cry of your Heart,
And you will arrive, the promise is made,
At the Ineffable Sublimity of the Far Shore.

You will come, through Love and Longing,
To the vanishing of wind, water, and sky,
To the vanishing of the weary sailor,
Finding yourself Adrift, Nowhere, without your self.

No words can describe that placeless Place,
The Ocean You Are, without Beginning or End,
Where nothing yet is, and yet, everything is,
Without yet being.

Drowned, in the Fathomless Depths Within,
Fullness… Completion.… Ecstasy,
In the arms of The Beloved you left behind,
When first moved by desire and fear.

Then return to manifest existence,
Finding yourself still Adrift,
Nowhere… Everywhere…
Without your self.