No Need to Know

No need to “understand”,
The Ecstasy of our Own Shining Heart.

I don't know what anything is.
“Enlightenment”, “awakening”?

So many definitions, I get dizzy.
Much in common, much that's different.

Plenty of guided tours available,
With experts at the wheel.

Knowing nothing of anything,
I simply rest, in and as…

Ignorant of “what”, “how”, or “why”.
But not Ignorant of…

Love's Rapturous Ecstasy.

No need to “know”.
For it to be so.

No need to “understand”,
The Swoon of our Own Radiant Heart.

No need to describe.
No need to tell.

This writing,
Is simply Fragrance wafting.

Love's Innate Joy,

A mirage of words,
Pointing Drunkenly…