Mind and Heart

We're older now, Mind and Heart,
With less ahead of us, than behind.
All our lives we have wondered,
At this Great Matter of… Existing.
This Great Matter of Being Alive.

In our wanderings, far and wide,
We have spent time in the walled villages,
Of many traditions, many teachings.
Villages laid out this way and that,
In their expressions of “truth”, “reality”…

And “enlightenment”.

In each village Mind has run,
Like a starving vagrant, malnourished,
To the temples of knowledge,
To sit at the feet of the “enlightened”,
Gorging voraciously…

On interpretations and descriptions,

While the Heart, having none of it,
Reveled in Bliss at the Tavern of The Beloved,
Sipping Grace, as She poured, again and again,
Until all was forgotten,
And only She and Heart remained…

Then… both Vanishing.

Each time, in the village of each tradition,
Mind would arrive, in time, at the Tavern door,
Bedraggled, forlorn, more ignorant than before.
And there, joining Heart at the bar,
Would sob to all who would listen, its tale of woe.

And in time, each time, again and again,
The two staggering drunkards, Mind and Heart,
Pushed open the village gates and wandered out;
The Heart… into Endless Wonder,
The mind…

Into the Incomprehensibility of This Great Mystery.