I cried out for Love,
But received, instead, my Heart's Desire

So much more, than the word Love,
Could ever hope to contain.

I would call it… Benediction,
Blessing, beyond measure, ever present.

Imagine… ever present.


The world broke my heart,
And You filled it with Grace.

I loved, and was loved, “because of”,
And You made me… Love itself.

I was exiled and alone,
And You embraced me…

Until I and the world vanished.

I was drowning in sorrow,
And You immersed that sorrow…

In the Ocean of Bliss.

It hurt to be alive as “me”,
And You made me no longer one alive…

But Life Itself.

Looking within, I found my Self,
And then, at my Heart's behest…

Found My Self, again, as You.