Is it a “practice” to Remember The Beloved?
Is recalling Her Perfume a “method”?
Does Loving Her take “will and discipline”?

What would I do to win Her Love,
When She Shines Causelessly,
In the Wellspring of the Heart?

Where would I go to find Her,
When She is ever Within,
Waiting… in the Kingdom of Heaven?

So it is with “Meditation”, as I know it,
A gentle turning, in Love and Longing,
A falling Within, into Her arms.

Like one falling asleep,
All is given up in delightful Surrender,
And I am simply “taken”.

Unable to discern,
In that timeless Dissolution,
Where She or I begin and end.

Lover and Beloved Vanished…
Yet Alive in that Embrace…
As Life Itself.