Let All Be Free

Thank God we are all free,
Free to follow our Heart,
Even if, in the eyes of others…
We walk the path of the Fool.

Free, no matter the shouting zealots,
Chasing us along our Way,
“Teaching”, with such certainty and authority,
What is right and wrong with our view…

Right and wrong with our Experience...
Based on… theirs,
And their interpretation,
And their subsequent descriptions of…


Or worse, still…
The interpretations and descriptions,
Of those who came before,
And into whose old jars, new wine is poured.

Deafened by the crass cacophony,
Of the "spiritual" marketplace,
I ran, as fast as my Heart would carry me,
And wandered off… alone.

But with this Benediction Shining in my Heart,
The goal of their prescriptions and proscriptions,
Their renunciations and disciplines.

And yet…
I did none of those.

With Fullness and Completion Shining,
But no knowledge or understanding,
Of this Great Mystery.

For my enquiry,
Was of the Heart.

Thank God we are all free,
Free to follow our Heart.

Along the way,
I met Nowists.
“All there is, is Now.”
Yes… but Romans also built a bridge, then.

Along the way,
I met Thatists.
“Thou art ‘That’ alone.”
Truly? Where do “I” begin and end?

Along the Way,
I met Deists.
“May you come to know God.”
Yes… may all come to know The Beloved.

All are true.
All are partialities.
Mere stances taken,
In relationship to…

The Unknowable…
The Unfathomable…
The Ineffable Sublimity…
Of The Great Mystery.

Thank God we are all free,
Free to follow our Heart.
Even if, in the eyes of others,
We walk the Fools path.

Let all be free.
All is as God wills it.