Learning to Play

Apologies to my “Absolutist” Friends,
Who declare that all is already ever perfect,
And that we are always already enlightened.

But in the Dream of form,
Dissolving into and as the Heart of Being,
Is somewhat like learning to play an instrument.

We begin, learning “how” to play an instrument.
It's awkward.
The muscles don't cooperate.
The fingers don't know where or how to move,
And even as we learn,
We are unable to play without thinking “about”.

We “practice”.
Knowledge increases,
Skill improves.
Experience is gained.
Years pass.

One day…
Mind and body move together,
with only the slightest thought.
And we abandon musical notation,
And tenuously move in Improvisation,
Into The Unknown.

And one day…
We find ourself playing from our Heart,
Without thought,
Liberated from the “Player”.

For most of us…
Dissolving into and as The Beloved is just so.
We begin by learning how to Feel.
It's awkward.
The contraction of self-identity does not cooperate.
And even as we learn,
Feeling is hobbled by “doing”.

One day…
We are taken,
With only the most subtle doing,
Only the most subtle remembering.
That Fragrance in the Wind…
And then… the touch of The Beloved.
Unsolicited. A Gift. Grace.

And one day…
We find ourself Vanished…
Dissolved in, and as, the Beloved.
Spontaneously, effortlessly,
Liberated at last,
From doing, becoming, perfecting.

All that was “learned”… forgotten.
All that was “gained”… lost.
Player and instrument… Vanished,
Into and as The Song.