The Kintsugi* Cup

Thanks to Sandhya Jade Keller,
For inspiration,
And the second-to-last stanza.

At the juncture of Perfection and imperfection,
Lays Immaculate Imperfection.

There, even the wounded and broken,
Emanate Blessings to all.

There, even those crushed in sorrow,
Are breathless with Bliss.

There, even those moving in desire,
Breathe Fullness and Completion.

There, even those not yet perfected,
Live beyond the Hell of perfect and imperfect.

This can only be grasped if you stand,
Where Heaven and Earth Embrace…

And Perfect Love imbues Imperfection.

Like a Kintsugi cup shattered and broken
Imperfections, not hidden…

But Illumined.

Ineffable Sublimity,
Immaculate Imperfection.

* Kintsugi:

The Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a lacquer resin sprinkled with powdered gold.