Just One Mystical Power

Beloved, the scriptures caution us,
To avoid the dangerous trap,
Of mystical powers.

But please, Bestower of Grace,
Grant me just one power,
One Gift not for myself…

To Ignite the Ember of Love,
In weary Hearts, drenched in despair,
Arriving at the door of this Tavern.

Take a piece of Your Heart,
A gentle whisper of Your Grace,
And place it in mine.

Though this vessel is deemed,
In the minds of the “religious”,
Unworthy, unfit, unclean…

Let Your Perfection Shining,
In the midst of imperfection,
Be Proof to others “unworthy”…

Of Loves Unconditionality.

But I warn you, my Love,
If you Imbue me thus,
I will most surely misbehave…

Pouring Your Wine,
Into every cup held forth,
By those who notice its Fragrance…

And ask if Grace is real.

If only I can Gift every drop,
Before you catch and chide me
For spurning the Laws of Good and Evil…

Filling every Heart,
Now… and Forever.