Journey Without End

I eschew the implied finality,
And the exalted loftiness,
Of words like “enlightened” or “awakened”.

For in my long Journey I have seen,
It unwise at best, and delusional at worst,
To ever plant a flag and declare the summit.

However transmuting the milestones come to,
At endless junctures along The Way,
There is no finality to Endless Enlightening.

For after “I” and the world vanished,
In the experience of Unalloyed Awareness,
The Journey continued.

After my Heart was Illumined thereafter,
By the Ineffable Sublimity of that Dissolution…
The Journey continued.

After the felt sense vanished,
Of the object-perceiver-experiencer-self…
The Journey continued.

When qualities and attributes of the persona,
No longer defined the vanished “me”,
They continued, unowned.

In all my years I have never found,
The mythical “Perfected” One,
However Powerful, Eloquent, or Beautiful.

Rather, it is the Imperfect I cherish,
Who move in Honesty and Humility,
Illumined through Grace, with Perfection…

On this Journey Without End.