One cannot approach Jasmine
Without being embraced by its Fragrance.
Likewise with Pure Being,
And its Fragrance… Ananda.

The Sweetness is “of” Jasmine,
And Ananda “of” Pure Being,
As wetness is to water,
Or glistening to gold.

The Fragrance of Jasmine
Arises only from Jasmine.
And Jasmine without Fragrance,
Is not Jasmine.

The two are One,
Fragrance not merely an “effect of”,
But inherent in…
The Jasmine of Pure Being.

The “two” are One.

We wander, moved by Unbearable Longing,
For the Fulfillment of our Heart's Desire,
And in a moment of Grace…
The Perfume of the Beloved wafts by.

Do we dismiss that Fragrance
As “not Jasmine”,
As merely a “transient, ‘unreal’ apparition”,
And arrive at a Flower without attributes?

Do we declare it “Maya”,
A Delusion,
A Deceit,
A “Dangerous Sweet”?

Only those who had merely heard “of” Jasmine,
Only those merely “thinking about”,
Would dismiss the Fragrance…
Never lifting their gaze to the Flower…

Never dropping
From head to Heart,
From concept to Experience,
From “knowledge” to Love.

To each their own.
But the Lovers I cherish,
Follow the Fragrance,
Dancing, flirtatious…

Drawing them ever nearer
To Death as a Jasmine Lover,
And Life…
As Jasmine, Itself.