I Saw You Walking

I saw you walking from the world of sorrows,
Into the far frontiers of the Kingdom of Heaven,
And my Heart lit, my Spirit Brightened,
As the pain of separation began to leave your face…

And the sunrise of Bliss dawned within your weary Heart.

I saw you walking, in tears of Longing,
Ever deeper within the Great Mystery of your Being,
The Fragrance of The Beloved surrounding you,
Ever more deeply, until… two walked, not one…

Thou… and The Beloved.

She danced ahead of you, Singing,
“Come! Come! Follow, my own!”
“Love! Love! Follow, my own!”
And the Ancient Sorrow vanished.

You came at last, to the Realm of Grace,
And imbued with the Strength of Love,
Pushed open the Gates of Heaven,
And finding your way to the Inner Sanctum…

Lover and Beloved vanished in Ecstasy.

No longer could you hear the taunts,
Of those shouting from the far frontiers,
Decrying your foolish naivete,
Mocking what they could not understand;

That you had, by Love alone, found your way,
From Desolation, to the Inner Sanctum,
And, held there, in The Beloved's Embrace,
Died to your self, returning as Life…

The Mind, Bathed in Wonder,
Your Heart Illumined with Bliss,
The Beloved, dwelling ever now Within…
Heaven, forever Shining…

In the Wellspring of your Heart.