I Pray

I pray, even though I don't believe in “God”, as the religious do.

Praying just arose, over time, and took up residence in each breath and heartbeat.

Who do I pray to?

To no one, for I expect no answer. Nor do I pray for a result. And yet… I pray with Affection.

Why then do I pray?

Because I Love, and Prayer is simply its expression, like the Fragrance of a Flower, or the Warmth of the Sun.

My Baba spoke of “Divine Mother”, though he said She was not, of course, a She, not an Indian woman in a sari; nor a woman at all.

I lack the dear man's faith, and pray instead to The Great Mystery. Though thinking of it now… perhaps that is simply my name for Her, for my Beloved.

So now you know, when I speak of “Her”, it is metaphor.

Metaphor, outwardly, for the Incomprehensible Mystery of Existence.

But lest that sound despairing, know that She is metaphor, inwardly, for a Presence of such Exquisite, Ineffable Sublimity, such Fullness, Completion, and Bliss, that any expression in words is folly.

It is this Presence that moves my Being in prayer, in every instant.

I pray for all of us; Healing, and Benediction.

For I have learned that it is not enough simply to be Healed, no longer be “sick”, in bondage to all that we took our self to be. That Healing, that Liberation, leaves a Serene Emptiness where “I” was formerly felt.

But this is not the Heart's Desire, to simply no longer be ill, however great a Blessing that may be.

No… we long for Benediction, for Fullness, Completion, and Bliss to pour into that Emptiness where we had suffered our self.

We long for the Sun of Bliss to Shine, not only within us, but to all, within all, in Blessing.

We long for the Wellspring of Grace to flood not only our Being, but to drown all who suffer its lack.

We long for Love, causeless and unconditional, to pour from the Cup we have received, into the Hearts of all.

We long for the Ecstasy of Formless Pure Being to Shine, impossibly, into manifest creation, drawing all… like a Divine Gravity… within… within…


There are no words in my prayer, and yet all the words in creation are there, Silently, in every breath and heartbeat.

Let all suffering cease, now… everywhere… and forever.

And if that prayer cannot be answered, if there is no Listener to answer, if it simply runs contrary to the “nature of things”…

I pray, none the less, that the Benediction I have received, from whence I do not know, will Shine in all, here in this Dream of Heaven and Hell, as they both suffer, inevitably… and Dance in Ecstasy.

God Bless everyone… everywhere.