By Way of Introduction

This site contains reflections of my journey and ongoing experience. Although the experiences described may sound lofty and exalted, I dismiss the finality of notions such as “enlightenment” or “awakening”, for my Experience has shown that it's unwise at best, and delusional at worst, to ever plant a flag and declare the summit. While there have been profound, transmuting milestones along The Way, in my experience there is no finality to Endless Enlightening. But this is simply my feeling on the matter, not to be confused with “Truth”, of which I know nothing.

From Hafez:

The great religions are ships,
Poets, the life boats.
Every sane person I know has jumped overboard.

From Ibn Arabi:

I profess the religion of Love,
Wherever its caravan turns along the way,
That is the belief, the faith I keep.

From Farid ud-Din Attar:

I know nothing,
I understand nothing.
I am unaware of Myself.
I am in Love,
But with whom I do not know.

From Rumi:

I do not know who I am.
I am in astounded, lucid confusion.