In The Deepest Heart of Being

There is a Place,
In the Deepest Heart of Being,
Where mountains rise so high,
They look down upon Heaven.

The sky there…
Such a deep, rich blue,
Stars… Sparkling in daylight,
Light your Way.

Soft breezes, Fragrant,
With Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Gentle your Soul,
And you breathe Wonder.

Living Waters quench your Heart,
Raindrops bathe you in Blessings,
And Flower petals shower,
Each… a tender Kiss from God.

In this Place within each of us,
In the Deepest Heart of Being,
Prayers are uttered wordlessly,
With each breath and heartbeat…

That all suffering cease…
And Forever.

That Peace and Happiness reign, without,
And Benediction Shine, within,
And… in the Mystical Heart of each Being…
The Endless Blossoming of Love and Surrender.