In Here

Everyone's running around “out there”.

Everyone wants to hear and “think about”,
Everyone wants to read and consider,
Everyone wants to watch and contemplate,
Everyone wants to gather and be inspired.

Who wants to actually turn attention within…

And Discover the Hearer,
Make Known the Seer,
Reveal the myth of the Thinker,
Where neither self nor other exist?

Come friends!

Pull attention from its outward wandering!
Rouse yourselves… within,
And discover the Mystery of “what” you are,
Before “who” ever came to be…

Before “you” and the world appeared.

It's “in Here” dear heart… not “out there”,
Here, within, before here and there ever were,
Before space ever was.

It's “in Here” my friend… not “when” or “if”,
Now, within, before now and then ever were,
Before time ever was.

It's “in Here” oh vagabond… not “this or that”,
You, within, before you and other ever were,
Before duality ever was.

Out there you hear about,
Out there you read about,
Out there you watch about,
Out there you gather and talk about…

In Here… you Are.

The Peace that endures,
Even as “peace” comes and goes,
The Bliss that Shines,
Even as “happiness” ebbs and flows…

Is… in Here.

For years, for decades, for a lifetime,
So many wander here and there, “out there”,
Listening, seeing, talking,
Never stopping to turn within…

To the Kingdom of Heaven… in Here.