In the Immediacy of Experience

In the immediacy of Mystical Experience,
There is no interpreting,
Or seeking to understand…

No utterance of words at all.

Only after the fact do some,
Driven by the mind's compulsion,
Give name and form to the nameless and formless.

They may do so with loving intent,
Allowing the mind to revel and celebrate,
In the only way it knows.

But in time, as others take their words,
And seek to emulate their Subjective Experience,
All manner of divergence and debate arises…

And the Fragrance of The Beloved is lost,
The Light of Heaven dims,
And Love diminishes.

They become soldiers of “belief”,
Having never known, themselves,
The Immediacy of Mystical Experience.

What to do?
For this seems simply in the nature of things,
Arising again and again, in every age.


I will leave off interpretation and dogma,
And rest in this Exquisite Experience of The Heart,
Emanating its Qualities and Attributes…

In a language spoken,
Before ever words were uttered,
And Heaven and Earth were torn asunder.