I never sought knowledge or understanding,
Concepts to be remembered and contemplated,
Brought to bear in times of inner difficulty,
When such “ideas” are so easily forgotten,
Swept away in emotion or physicality.

I never sought to reach a “conclusion”,
Come to after consideration and contemplation,
Of propositions held forth by this path or that,
A “belief”, born of accepting this or that description,
Of the nature of “Reality” or “Truth”.

I sought a change in the very Experience of Being,
Simply… what it feels like to be Alive,
Not in transient “spiritual” moments, however profound,
But in continuous, moment-to-moment existence,
In the midst of endeavors, sacred or secular.

I sought Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
A Benediction which did not come and go,
Ever available, even as Attention wandered,
Here and there in the world of “outer” experience,
Or when seized by emotion or physicality.

I sought a Benediction not held hostage,
By the vicissitudes of circumstance or conditionality,
By the qualities and attributes of mind and body,
Dependent neither on doing, nor refraining from doing,
A Benediction of Grace without Cause.

Not a transcendence of manifest creation,
But an Immanence, palpable and visceral,
A Presence here, in the Field of Experience,
Shining, untouched, unmoved, impenetrable,
Both within, and as, this Dream of Duality.

I sought the Experience, not the concept,
Of the timeless, spaceless, formless Sky,
Within which the ever changing weather,
Of manifest experience appears and vanishes,
Shining, Immanent… in this very Heart.

Among the countless Paths to be taken,
Paths of doing this, and refraining from that,
Paths of renunciation, will, and discipline,
Mine was the Path of Love and Surrender,
For I came to Her simply by Remembering…

What I Love.