If There Is More

If there is more,
Here, where the Path has vanished,
She will have to carry me to it,
For She has crept into my Heart,
And stolen the lack, the emptiness,
That moved me along The Way.

In its place, the Beloved Thief,
Left a piece of Her Heart in mine,
And I cannot move, Intoxicated,
With the Beautiful Perfume,
Of Her Fullness, Completion, and Bliss.

I read the other day of great danger,
In becoming hobbled at any juncture,
Along the Way to Heaven,
And could only smile at my misfortune,
The Beautiful Thief's most tragic Gift.

For what am I to do now?
How will I ever become "enlightened",
While I remain Drunk at Her Tavern,
Outside the door of which…
No Path is to be found?

How can I be Hungry,
When I am Full?
How can I be Thirsty,
When I Drown?
How can I care for attainment,
When I rest in the Arms,
Of Causeless Grace?

If there is more,
Here, where the Path has vanished
She will have to carry me to it,
Or bring it to me, through Grace,
For I am hobbled, faint,
Besotted in the Ecstasy,
Of Her Loving Embrace.

Pour me another, my Love,
Your Face is my Heaven.
And touching my Heart,
As you hand me the glass,
Let us toast the end of Suffering,
And the advent of that Love…
In which Lover and Beloved Vanish.

If there is more…