I and Thou

Beloved, am I simply making you up?
Are you just an “imaginary friend”,
Born of immature emotionality…

Mocked by the “empirically-minded”?

After all, is it not true,
That I found You in all Your Glory,
When I turned within, and found Myself…

Before I and Thou ever were?

Am I not That Unfathomable Mystery,
Existing before manifestation ever was,
Before the world and “I” arose…

Before I and Thou?

Are You not simply That which I Am,
As formless Pure Awareness,
Existence, prior to anything existing…

Before I and Thou?

What is this desire, this yearning,
To be in Relationship with You,
As if You are other than I Am…

As if I am other than You?

Why must I make a “Thou”,
Out of the Incomprehensible,
Out of the Unfathomable…

That is what I Am?

It is because, Beloved,
Here, in this Dream of manifestation,
I am Lonely without You…

You are Lonely without You…

Even as Our heart beats Fullness,
Even as We breath Completion,
Even as We swim in Bliss.

It is because, Beloved,
Here, in this Dream of Duality,
Relative I misses Absolute Thou…

Even as my heart beats Fullness,
Even as I breathe Completion,
Even as I swim in Bliss…

Even as Lover and Beloved are One.

It is because, Beloved,
I have made a choice to taste Your Wine,
And savor Your Perfume…

Even as I Am Thou.

It is because, my Love,
When You Dance with Yourself,
As I and Thou…

You need someone to Hold You.