Hoist The Sail

Hoist the sail of Longing, even in the doldrums,
On the chance the Winds of Grace might come,
And carry you away to Heaven.

No sail… no sailing.

Go to The River and touch the Waters,
In the chance The Current might sweep you away,
And drown you in your Heart's Desire.

No walk to the river… no drowning.

Rest, and fool the frenetic mind,
Into falling headlong into Dissolution,
While The Heart falls Heartlong into Bliss.

No Rest… no Dissolution and Bliss.

Surrender, quit struggling, quit fighting,
And Collapse into the Aliveness you are,
Like a wave resolving into the Ocean.

No Surrender… no Resolution.

Cease your endless wandering, out there,
And Rest, Attentively, in Here,
Until the wanderer Vanishes into its Source.

No inward turning… no Heaven.

Relax the contracted focus of Attention,
On this, that, and the other,
And take in Everything… All At Once.

No Inclusion… no Wholeness.

Feel yourself as the Field of Perception,
Within which, from which, as which,
All appears and vanishes.

No screen… no Movie.

Find a place, thing, or Friend,
In whose Presence you are effortlessly Taken,
And allow yourself to be Taken.

No allowing… no being Taken.

Cry out with your Whole Being…
To Life… to God… to the Great Mystery,
For Union, Benediction, and Liberation.

No Longing… sand for dinner.