The Highway of Grace

Nothing prepared me for the open road.
The Way of the Heart,
El Camino del Corazon,
Where one Feels one's way.

All those years in auto shop,
Under the hood, covered in grease,
Working on that candyapple red beauty,
That one day… one day I would drive.

One day,
After I learned “about”,
And learned “how to”,
Then… maybe.

All those years of furrowed brow,
Studying the manuals.
Learning the “truth”
About driver and machine.

I cursed as I rapped my knuckles,
Struggling to understand,
What, why, and how,
How to think, how to act.

But neither Thought nor Action,
Ever prepared me for the open road.
The Way of the Heart, El Camino del Corazon.
Where one Feels one's way.

One day, sick of manuals and tools,
Of reading “about” and dreaming “of”,
I threw the top down, petulant, fired Her up,
And headed off, down the Coast Highway.

I never graduated auto shop.
I have no license.
I don't know a goddamn thing…
But man…
I'm driving.

Engine humming,
Wind in my hair,
Sky above,
Road below…
And a smile that says way…

…Way more than just happy.

There are those well read, and gifted,
With explaining the unexplainable.
They will help you “understand”,
If that is what you seek.

Myself… I am simply a madman behind the wheel.

For some it's time to leave the manuals,
You'll never “understand”.
Time to drop the tools,
She'll never be “ready”.

If you're such a delinquent,
Hop in!
There's something about that seat.
This is the Highway of Grace.