Heaven and Hell

It's doesn't matter to me
If there are angels in Heaven
Or demons in Hell.

The only ones I know of each
Walk this earth,
And Bless and Curse.

And I…
I am just a simple man,
A bit of both.

Hell for me, was judging myself,
Good, bad, or “qualified”
In innumerable ways.

One day, through Grace,
I simply stopped,
And Surrendered to being imperfect.

Then… what Love arose,
Not just for myself,
But for all who are imperfect.

I still seek Wisdom and Illumination,
But I am not qualified
By my ignorance and darkness.

A little bit of both, here.
A little bit of Heaven,
A little bit of Hell.

But the Love that shone,
When I forgave myself, and all others,
Sees neither.

It does not shine “because”.
“I am here for you Always.”,
Divine Mother said,
“Whether you're a good boy, or bad.”

That is the Love we all Long for,
That is Heaven,
Beyond Heaven and Hell.

That is Ananda,
Shining in the Heart,
Even as we wander…

Through Heaven and Hell.