Heart and Mind

Some seek Liberation from the pain of being “someone”,
Some, Illumination with Divine Presence,
The most fortunate among us, ache for both…

Liberation… and Illumination.

Those who seek Liberation from “I”,
Arrive, if they are Blessed,
At Serene Emptiness.

Those who long for Illumination,
Come, if they are Blessed,
To Divine Presence ever available…

How tragic, though,
For “i” to have vanished,
And Divine Presence to remain elusive.

Or tragic, as well,
For Divine Presence, ever available,
To arise to a suffering “I”.

And so, when using the mind,
To seek Liberation from “I”,
Take with you the Heart's Longing.

And when moving in Longing,
In search of your Heart's Desire,
Take with you the discerning mind.

And if, through Grace, “i” should vanish…
May the Serene Emptiness that ensues,
Be Filled with Divine Presence.

And if, through Grace, Divine Presence Shines…
May it Shine within Serene Emptiness,
Free of the suffering “I”.

For the Heart's Desire,
Is not simply Liberation,
But to Dance that Freedom, Illumined…

In Fullness, Completion, and Bliss.