This Great Mystery

This Great Mystery of Life,
At some point becomes,
The Great Matter of consideration.

We start seeking,
And upon entering the spiritual marketplace…
Are rolled over by a tsunami of chaos,
Spinning us, submerged, in a flood of teachings.

No wonder people take refuge
In the walled villages of this teaching or that;
They fear madness, if they continue to wander,
In the Wilderness of The Great Mystery.

So many teachings, so many teachers.
So many diverse views and paths,
Expressed in so many different ways,
Even within a given tradition!

If you don't hold to your own Heart as the Sat Guru,
If you don't have a sense of spiritual autonomy,
Even as one still seeking humbly,
All manner of dangers arise at every turn.

You read volumes, describing this view or that,
Expressions born of an originator's experience,
Interpreted through their own unique nature,
Their own unique place and time…

Expounded as “Truth”, “enlightenment” or “awakening”.

Who to believe…
When all assert with such certitude and authority,
The view they hold, the stance they take,
In the face of The Great Mystery?!

After all too many years
I Ieft the din and clamour of the spiritual marketplace,
And kicked the dust of it from my feet.
Wandering into the Wilderness of Not Knowing.

And in the end, I Surrendered,
To being forever… unenlightened.
Leaving it to those who knew what the word meant.
For after all those many years… I hadn't a clue.

It was enough…
To be Liberated from "i",
And for the locus of the Heart,
To be Illumined with Bliss…

Whatever… one… calls… that.

Broken, wounded, imperfect,
As is the nature of manifestation.
Perfect, flawless, Immaculate,
As is the nature of formless Pure Being.

From one stance we are one,
From another, the other.
We are both, of course,
And neither.

Immaculate Imperfection,
Through Unimaginable Grace,
Like an evanescent cloud Illumined by the Sun,
The Bliss of formless Atman, Illumining manifestation.

Illumination, Liberation, Endless Enlightening…
I've no idea how to qualify or quantify
This Experience of… Being.
Such considerations are, for me, the doorway to hell.

A Wilderness dweller,
On the Path of The Idiot,
It all remains, for me…
A Great Mystery.

I would have it no other way.