Go Where The Water Is!

Go where the Water is!
Enough of gazing, parched,
At pictures of The Oasis,
At words describing Wetness.

Where is this Living Water? Within!

Journey to The Kingdom!
Enough of studying maps,
Moving your finger to follow routes,
Printed on a page, going nowhere.

Where is this Kingdom of Heaven? Within!

Find The Treasure of Love!
Enough pawning your Heart,
For the trinket of conditional love.
Become the Love that Shines causeless.

Where is this Causeless Love? Within!

And yet… no admonitions will move,
One infatuated with the outer,
Still reveling in words, concepts, images,
“About” the Face of The Beloved.

No fiery encouragements will rouse,
One besotted with “knowledge”,
Mistaking the water of understanding,
For the Wine of Experience.

Should you find yourself thus abstracted,
Unable to awaken from your reverie,
Do not make an anguish of it,
Only rest, sweet Dreamer.

Slumber, untroubled, until such time,
As The Troubler of Hearts shakes you,
And Guides your drowsy steps,
To the Fulfillment of your Heart's Desire…

Where the Water is.